Educational and Creative

There are plenty of ways to use Sticky Bits... be it at home, at school or at your friend's party.

Art and Craft

Sticky Bits help young minds express their creativity and develop motor skills.

These colourful Bits can be used to build whatever you fancy, be it bridges, cars, trains or flowers.

Feel free to get creative, they also stick on paper, cloth and cardboard!


Using Sticky Bits makes learning the alphabet more colourful and enjoyable.

They can also be used to build characters to make storytelling more interactive.


Be it fractions, counting or the number system, Sticky Bits helps children visualise

and therefore get a better understanding of numbers.


Chemistry does not have to be boring. With Sticky Bits, children can build their own atomic structures.

Windmills and the Sun, amongst other models, can be used to depict a greener planet.

Team building

Working with Sticky Bits in groups helps children further their communication and leadership skills.

It encourages social interaction and instills the idea of working together.